Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yon on Kaplan

Michael Yon has this to say about Kaplan. I printed out Kaplan's piece [it's PDF] and I agree with him.

Robert Kaplan embedded with US forces in Mosul shortly after I left that city. Mr. Kaplan is a highly respected journalist and author. His lengthy and detailed accounting of the situation in Mosul can be used as a reference point for framing our thinking about the process of building democracy in Iraq. Readers of my dispatches about the outstanding successes of US and Iraqi forces in Mosul, likely will find much of what Mr. Kaplan says imminently familiar. This is probably due to the fact that Kaplan and I are among the few writers who spent enough time in Mosul to discover how isolated incidents and individual threads of concern fit within the larger context. Though I have made it a rule not to respond to critics, the two writers who have criticized my reporting from Mosul both share a distinction of having never been there themselves. One proudly claims to have never traveled outside the US. But the highly respected Robert Kaplan actually did spend his time in Mosul. Mr. Kaplan's piece, in addition to being well written with particularly trenchant analysis, also serves as an authentication of my dispatches.

link ยป The Coming Normalcy by Robert Kaplan of The Atlantic Online


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