Sunday, April 16, 2006

REDSTATE is pessimistic

Thoughts On An Imminent War
I fear we are on the cusp of war, real war, with Iran.

As the situation concerning Iran’s possession of either nuclear weapons or the technology capable of producing nuclear weapons spins out of control it is difficult to see how this situation ends short of an actual war. We simply can’t afford the strategic blow that would follow acquiescing to Iranian possession of nuclear weapons. The Iranian regime simply can’t survive backing down.

Though some are making the case that it is possible to achieve our goals via air power, I am not a skeptic. I am an unbeliever. As a Army Staff plans officer during Operation DESERT STORM and a mesmerized observer during the “shock and awe” of Phase I of OIF, I have no confidence or belief that air power in a war to eliminate Iran’s nuclear capability will be much more decisive than using a croquet mallet on a lion.


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