Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pre-emptive Surrender of the Borders

Mac Johnson at "American Thinker" says:
You can tell that the tide is turning in the debate over illegal immigration, because the advocates of open borders and amnesty are no longer arguing about what should be done. Now their argument has degenerated into a description of what can't be done. From a dozen mouths this week we have heard: "we just can't deport 11 million immigration criminals –even if we wanted to," and of course the amnesty proponents don't want to.

Well, how convenient. But polls show they've lost the argument by a 3 to 1 margin, so to them it turns out that the debate was pointless anyway. Only their plan is even possible. The world's sole superpower has been defeated by a surplus of busboys and gardeners.

The follow-up question I never hear asked is: "If we can't deport 11 million, then how many can we deport; and can we get started on that number?" The implicit answer always seems to be "we cannot deport any number". Read the rest here


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