Friday, April 14, 2006

PR Disasters for the Taliban

Strategy Page reports: It was a bad week for the Taliban. A Taliban rocket fired into Kabul landed in a school yard, killing seven children and wounding some twenty more. This is very bad for the Taliban, as during the 1990s, Kabul was largely destroyed by rockets and artillery fired into the city by Islamic militant militia. Thousands of civilians died, and the bombardment is still remembered bitterly, especially when the Taliban do the same dumb thing.

In southern Afghanistan, yet another suicide bomber was off the mark, leaving two British soldiers wounded.

The Taliban Spring Offensive, backed by lots of al Qaeda money (which is not as abundant as it used to be), and pitched as "decisive" is not going anywhere. Meanwhile, pro-Taliban tribesmen, and entire tribes, continue to make their peace with the government. By the end of the year, the Taliban are going to be much less an issue than the growing (and wealthier) drug gangs.


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