Monday, April 10, 2006

New Core Sets the New Web

Thomas Barnett discusses "A Web Site Born in U.S. Finds Fans In Brazil," by Seth Kugel, New York Times

An extract:

This article is about how Brazilians have come to dominate a social networking service created by Google called Orkut. It is estimated that 11 million of Orkut 15 million subscribers are from Brazil, which is stunning because "only about 12 million Brazilians use the Internet from home."

I've heard similar things about Brazilian "invasions" in sites that allow for photo posting/swapping/etc., which is another good example of the same phenomenon.

When I talk about China's ongoing sexual revolution in my brief, I usually add that it's "mostly online," which always gets a good laugh. But it's true for the same reasons why Brazilians have become a socially invasive species on the web: when you give the disconnected some connectivity, the social out-competes the political and gives the economic a serious run for its money.


The Web 10 years from now will be more the New Core social playland than the Old Core media sandbox (not that Disney-ABC aren't trying). You can cite our economic needs and say otherwise, but it seems clear to me that the New Core will increasingly rule the new Internet.

I'm mean, we're talking half the world's population hereā€¦ Read it all


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