Thursday, April 06, 2006

Micheal Ledeen on "The Protocols of the Elders of Harvard."

NRO - Most commentary on the screed has generally focused on the details–ranging from factual mistakes to lopsided "interpretations" — which is all to the good. But the most important thing about screed is not the errors of fact; it’s The Big Lie at its core. The same Big Lie we’ve heard for centuries: The Jews run the world, and they do it by manipulating others to carry out the Jews’ designs. The premise on which "The Israel Lobby" rests is that American foreign policy, for more than half a century, is the product of a small band of willful and clever people who have tricked the American people and every president into acting in Israel’s interests, not our own. This is anti-Semitism in the grand tradition.

But the most amazing sentence in the screed is this one: "Israel was explicitly founded as a Jewish state and citizenship is based on the principle of blood kinship." Which is to say, "Jewish" is a racial matter, not a religious one.

That is why, when Walt and Mearsheimer claim they have nothing against the Jews, it reminds me of Richard Nixon protesting "I am not a crook." He was, and they do. The ritual denial, now as then, is an expression of contempt for the listener, not an act of candor.


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