Friday, April 14, 2006

If we don't retailiate against this move, we haven't got a hair......

Palestinians to get Russian aid
Russia has said it will grant the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority urgent financial aid, in opposition to the policy of the EU and the US.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the pledge to authority President Mahmoud Abbas in a telephone call, Moscow said.

The US and EU cut off aid after Hamas took power on 30 March because the militant group refused to renounce violence or recognise Israel.

Iran on Friday urged the Muslim world to help fund the authority.

A Russian foreign ministry statement said: "Mahmoud Abbas stated his high appreciation of Russia's intent, confirmed by Sergei Lavrov, to grant the Palestinian Authority an urgent financial aid in the nearest future."

Mr Lavrov said on Tuesday withholding aid to the Palestinians was a mistake.

And it looks like Putin is now in for life.

AP headline out of Moscow -- Poll: Nearly half of Russians favor allowing Putin 3rd term for lack of worthy successor . Excerpt: "Forty-five percent of Russians are prepared to see the constitution changed to allow President Vladimir Putin serve a third term because they see no worthy successor, and 21 percent are prepared for such an amendment in case of an emergency such as an economic crisis or terrorist attack, according to a poll by the Yuri Levada Analytical Center. The survey, released Thursday, showed 24 percent of Russians vehemently opposed to amending the constitution to permit a president to serve more than two terms; 10 percent did not express their preferences. The poll of 1,600 respondents in 128 settlements had a margin of error of 3 percentage points."


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