Friday, April 14, 2006

Goood Morning to the Mainland!

Slate says that

The New York Times leads with two new public calls for Rumsfeld's resignation by retired U.S. generals, bringing the total to six. Even more retired generals have anonymously expressed similar opinions in the past few days, according to the NYT. The Washington Post leads with reports of "vast sums of waste and misspent funds" in the $10 billion for housing aid allocated by the federal government after Katrina. The Los Angeles Times follows up again on its Afghanistan black-market disk drive scoop, now reporting that the disks detail U.S. intelligence showing that insurgents use bases in Pakistan. USA Today leads with national poll results it describes as "a leave-us-alone mood," based on negative attitudes toward global engagement, immigration, and free trade. The Wall Street Journal's top box says Iran won't heed U.N. urgings not to push ahead with its nuclear program.

The newest general is Charles H. Swannack, Jr., who led ground troops in Iraq until 2004. He is the second general who commanded troops in Iraq to "break ranks" with Rumsfeld, after John Batiste did so earlier this week. (Slate's Fred Kaplan reports that another public critic was in charge of training Iraqi troops.) No active-duty officers, however, have spoken publicly—and the NYT is frustratingly vague on whether current officers have explicitly expressed new criticisms to the paper, writing only that "some say privately they disagree." The WP reports inside that Bush believes Rumsfeld "is doing a very fine job," according to the president's press secretary, who also quoted the country's current top general in praise of Rumsfeld.

The papers front or reefer Moussaoui's latest testimony. His "only regret was that more Americans didn't die." The LAT and NYT report that "shoe bomber" Richard Reid will be called to testify by the defense to argue that Moussaoui did not have a key role in the 9/11 plot. Moussaoui says he did play a key role but believes that he will be pardoned by President Bush for use in a future prisoner exchange with anti-U.S. fighters in Iraq.


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