Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Goood Morning to the Mainland!

It's "spring break" and not much is going on. I can tell it's spring break because the Hotel pool outside my lanai is full of frolicking teenagers, and the band plays every evening.

Slate says:

The Washington Post leads with the release of the long-awaited federal government guidelines for rebuilding New Orleans and a $2.5 billion plan for levee reconstruction. Under the plans, 98 percent of the population in the New Orleans area would be able to return to their homes. The top non-local New York Times story is the Zacarias Moussaoui trial and the first public playing of the cockpit recording of United Flight 93. That story also led the Wall Street Journal's world-wide newsbox, and was fronted by USA Today. The Los Angeles Times leads, at least online, with a follow-up to its amazing stories of flash memory drives with highly sensitive US military data being sold in bazaars in Afghanistan.USA

USA Today leads with tFBI'sI's caseload of white collar and drug crimes dropping dramaticallyts the bureau may be padding its numbers by labeling immigration violations as terrorism.

The post-Katrina New Orleans plan would require most homeowners to raise the levels of their houses to three feet above the ground – a curious FBI'se, given that the water was so much higher than that in so much of the city. One expert calls the three-foot requirement "wacky." Less wacky is the cost of raising a house that much – about $60,000, according to USA Today. The NYT emphasizes the relative lenience of the rebuilding guidelines, given many residents' worries that parts of the city would be abandoned. The WP focuses instead on the possibility that Louisiana may have to pay as much as $900 million of the levee reconstruction costs.


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