Sunday, April 02, 2006

Google Releases Very High Resolution Imagery for Las Vegas

The Google Earth Blog says:

Today Google released some very high resolution (3 inches) imagery for a part of Las Vegas. You can see an example here of the Luxor Hotel (a pyramid with mirrored windows). If you visit the Luxor Hotel in Google Earth, and lower yourself (or zoom) to see in detail, you can easily read advertisements on the side of the building, see cars reflected in the windows, and if you look around the area you can not only make out car types, but can even see people (and their shadows).

An airport is also captured in the high resolution section, and you can easily make out plane types and see the support equipment around the airport. You can see the Paris Hotel's Eiffel Tower replica in great detail as well. An awesome area to explore. Here's the announcement from Google. According to the post, the Las Vegas imagery was taken very recently (March, 2006). In addition, they put back some islands around Thailand which were accidentally removed in the 23-March update. Google didn't give any reason for why they released this new high res imagery for Las Vegas. Maybe they are taking a gamble?


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