Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Danish TV Seeks Forgiveness with Veiled Anchor Woman

Zaman news [Turkish] says:

Harshly criticized for the cartoon crisis in the international arena, the Danish government continues its "image repairing" activities in the eyes of the Muslims.

Danish state channel DR2 employed a Muslim woman that practices wearing the headscarf to present a TV program in the frame of "respect towards different thoughts and beliefs." Palestinian-origin Asmaa Abdulhamid, in the eight-week program, will host a different guest every week together with Danish journalist Adam Holm and ask questions in accordance with her beliefs.

DR2 explained the basic goal of the program "Adam and Asmaa" is "respecting different thoughts" and said the cartoon crisis openly displayed the importance of dialogue and tolerance between the East and the West.

Twenty-four year old Abdelhamid was also the speaker of the 27 establishments that had complained about the newspaper Jyllands-Posten for publishing the insulting cartoons. The decision received great support from the majority of the society in Denmark where wearing the headscarf is free in educational institutions and public places.


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