Sunday, April 02, 2006

Cori Dauber at "Ranting Profs" discusses John Burns, widely regarded as the finest foreign correspondent reporting from Iraq, who writes a thoughtful and reflective piece regarding the dangers confronted by reporters in Iraq. She asks why:

Burns never discusses the way the choices he lays out regarding security impact the coverage. While I'm all in favor of the audience understanding the difficulties faced by the press corps in a general way, this has to go beyond a simple demand for the press corps for greater respect from their audience. I'm all in favor of that, truly. But we all understand the security concerns are having profound impacts on the way reporters are able to do their job.


The second gap is one I've complained about repeatedly. There is not a shred of a breath of a hint that even Burns, as thoughtful and savvy of a reporter as is out there, is thinking in terms of a possibility that this war might be the most dangerous for reporters because reporters are being targeted specifically.
She is saying we are not told by these reporters about the "work-arounds" they have to use to report on stories, and how does a particular group believe the kidnapping of someone like Jill Carroll contributes to the overarching goal of getting the US out of Iraq? The press never considers the question, much less the answer.

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