Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Byron York at NRO says,

One more interesting thing about the DailyKos poll, this one about the Democratic presidential race. To no one's surprise, Russell Feingold is the Kossacks' choice; his support in the last six polls dating to last July has gone from ten percent to 16 percent to 19 percent to 30 percent to 48 percent today. He is far, far ahead of the second-place finisher, Wesley Clark, who reached 35 percent last fall but is now at 15 percent. Next is Mark Warner, with 11 percent, and then John Edwards, with seven percent.

Among other candidates, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the far-and-away frontrunner in polls of Democrats as a whole, has hit a new low in the Kos community. She was never very high, but her support has gone from ten percent last fall to two percent today -- behind the "Other" and "No Freakin' Clue" categories, but ever-so-slightly ahead of John Kerry and Joseph Biden, who each have one percent.


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