Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Sunday Morning Talk Shows

Mark Kilmer at "Redstate" has "The Sunday Morning Talk Shows - a review"

Some noteworthy stuff this week. We had Chuck Hagel on TW paraphrasing President Reagan to attack the effort in Iraq, while Jack Reed insisted that BushLied™.

General George Casey on FNS that 75% of all Iraqi brigades will be "in the lead" on the ground by the end of summer, with eight in ten divisions by December.

Vice President Cheney, on FTN, showed no signs of pressure, and he iterated why: he's not running for anything. His job is to advise the President. (The elections, etc. would take care of themselves.)

Joe Biden on LE took credit for everything he thinks the Bush Administration is doing right, having proposed the ideas several years ago.

Jack Murtha on MTP reminded me of Cindy Sheehan in evolution and demeanor. Famed Nazi hunter Dick Durbin seemed confused and agitated, uncertain of whether to hold out hope for impeachment, and insisting that the President obey some sort off undefined law.

Iyad Allawi has been all over the MSM of late for having declared that there is a civil war currently raging in Iraq. From Iraq, General Casey on MTP said he has not yet talked to Allawi about it yet, as the former prime minister has not been in the country for some time. On LE, host Wolf Blitzer quoted Allawi as defining a civil war as 50 deaths per day.
Read on for the show-by-show review:


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