Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stalking Scalia

The Boston Herald has this picture up. Ron Cass at "Real Clear Politics says:
"The real issue, then, isn't that Justice Scalia is a devout Catholic.

The real issue is that his interpretation of the Constitution is not what many pundits, professors, and public figures want it to be.

* * *

The game now is to find a way of making it seem that Scalia's personal life and conduct commit him to positions on important legal issues in a way that interferes with his ability to decide matters impartially - not because Scalia has in fact done so and not because his accusers care about impartiality. Instead, the game matters because Scalia is the leading voice for a set of legal propositions that run counter to the political, social, and constitutional agenda of the dominant voices in almost every major element of America's Speaking elites.

That is why Justice Scalia's comings and goings, his associations, his speeches, all have become the focus of media attention. It is not simply his Catholicism that is an issue. It is anything he says and does that can be grist for a demand that he step aside from a case where his participation would matter. Read it all


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