Friday, March 24, 2006

Rival Networks Scoff at Cheney's Preference for Fox

Newsbusters has this:

Reporters for rival networks of Fox News had unkind things to say about Dick Cheney's preference for Fox when staying at hotels.

MSNBC's "The Abrams Report":

"And he wants brewed decaf coffee and all the televisions must be tuned to the home team, Fox News. Horrors to think he might encounter other networks while flipping the channel himself on his way over... It's got me thinking I should make some demands of my own. From now on whenever I travel, I want a bottle of wine waiting, not just any wine, but fine wine. I want the TV tuned to MSNBC."

CNN reporter Carol Costello said on "American Morning":

"And, yes, all the TVs set to C -- no, to Fox News."

To which anchor Soledad O'Brien quipped, "Not really a shocker on that front."

Jack Cafferty on CNN's "The Situation Room" used his trademark "F-word network" putdown.

"And all televisions in the room tuned to the F-word network. The vice president's office confirmed to CNN it's all true. Here's the question: How would you prepare a hotel room for the vice president? E-mail us at or go to"

Wolf Blitzer told him he was "going to get bombarded with e-mail."

Later Cafferty read some email responses.

"You know, some of this stuff, I mean, you know when you write it I can't read it on the air, some of what you said. You should be ashamed of yourselves. But some is pretty cute....

"Larry in Lynnwood, Washington: 'I would stock Dick Cheney's hotel room with the following items: bulletproof pajamas, lots of Slim Fast, TVs tuned to CNN with broken remote controls and candies left by his pillow with a handwritten note from Senator Pat Leahy.'"

Keith Olbermann alleged marching orders.

"And, of course, all televisions tuned to Fox News. Well, of course they'd all be tuned to Fox News because he has to make sure they're saying what he told them to say."

CNN reporter Erica Hill told Anderson Cooper:

"He wants his TV tuned to Fox News. How can he cover all the angles if he's not watching you or Prime News Tonight on 'Headline News'?"

ABC correspondent Jake Tapper said on "Nightline":

"So, if I were an advance man for the Vice President, I might come to a hotel suite such as this one and make sure the bed is at least queen size, if not king. The thermostat should be set to 68 degrees. No more, no less. A carafe of decaf coffee, brewed prior to arrival and awaiting. Four cans of diet Sprite. Caffeine free. What's wrong with this TV? Oh, yeah. Wrong channel. Fox News Channel only."


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