Friday, March 24, 2006

REDSTATE strikes back

This is About Decency
By: machiavel ยท Section: Democrats

The critics of Ben Domenech are on a fishing expedition. They attacked the fact that an ex-political appointee would ever be given a job in journalism. Then, they trolled for comments he left on a blog. They attacked his upbringing. They attacked his mother. They attacked his father. They called him a homosexual. "Plagiarism" is only the sixth or seventh line of attack they've tried in their campaign to assassinate the character of a good and decent person.

When they invoked the man's family, when they resorted to an unremitting torrent of smears and lies and invective, they lost their right to be respected in this argument. Their accusations no longer carry any weight. Because Ben Domenech is no longer the issue. They are.

Decency is now the issue. The character of those on the attack is in the spotlight. Violating a man's family to score a tangential point about the "SCLM" is beneath contempt. To allow them any influence over who is heard on the web site of one of America's most prominent newspapers would be a death blow to what is left of the credibility of traditional media.

The character assassins must be defeated. Completely and utterly defeated.


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