Thursday, March 23, 2006

Newspapers Fail to Tap Young Conservative Talent

David Mastio at Real Clear Politics says,

........You'd think from all the fury that this was the first time big media had opened up the door for somebody with thin journalism credentials and a strong political point of view. Of course, you'd be wrong. They do it all the time and, usually, they give the young politicos reporting jobs.

The difference is that the beneficiaries are usually on the left and readers don't get a hint that the MSM newbees might have a history.

..........If the MSM truly wants to deal with its bias problem, it has to start giving young conservative writers the same shot at being a reporter and learning the craft of journalism from the inside that the regularly give to young liberals.


Blogger Dave said...

Do me a favor and don't post my entire articles on your site. I am happy to see a few grafs, but this is too much,

2:24 PM  

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