Friday, March 10, 2006

Kaplan's "new normalcy" sounds a lot closer to SysAdmin

Thomas Barnett comments on Kaplan' s article in "The Atlantic."

"Kaplan comes to a conclusion I was reaching for in BFA: the ultimate exit strategy is jobs (can't remember if I got that exact line in the book, but it's one I use in the brief now). That's what signals serious connectivity because jobs sufficient enough to handle the region's youth bulge will require huge inflows of foreign direct investment--the one key ingredient missing in Iraq. Without the FDI, you leave the region in the queer combination of either Great Depression-like capital starvation or the pathetic buy-out of youthful ambition by the trust fund states like Saudi Arabia. Both ways suck: no one wants money just given to them (despite the myth) and nothing depresses like ambition that cannot find any useful expression (that's what really beat men down in the 1930s)."Read it all here


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