Friday, March 03, 2006

"It would be tragic if the Cartoon War caused us to fail

Jack Kelly at "Irish Pennants":

"in Iraq. But that may be what happens, if Glenn Reynolds and Jim Geraghty are right, as I fear they are. Here's the Instapundit:

"I wonder if the Bush administration's weakness on this front [the cartoons] didn't come back to bite them on the ass in the response to the Dubai ports deal, that it's really undermined a lot of people's confidence in them in terms of standing up to this sort of thing… I think the cartoon wars gave the sense that there is this mass of angry Muslims out there who can't be trusted and who don't respect Western ideas and then you've got this country with the unfortunate name of the United Arab Emirates involved and I think the distrust had been heightened by the cartoon wars, and I think the Bush administration's sort of appeasing response on that front gave people a sense they're not strong on that."

Here's Geraghty on Reynolds:

"And more and more, I think Glenn Reynolds had it right; the entire Tipping Point phenomenon can be summed up as action and reaction. The Bush Administration's reaction to the cartoon riots was comparably milquetoast. The violence and threats committed over the cartoons shocked, frightened and really, really angered Americans. They want somebody to smack the Muslim world back onto its heels and set them straight: "It doesn't matter how offensive a cartoon is, you're not allowed to riot, burn down embassies and kill people over it."
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