Thursday, March 30, 2006

Goood Morning to the Mainland!

Reporter Freed in Iraq, 3 Months After Abduction is the New York Times lead. She sure is nice when she talks about her captors, especially since they killed her translator. This USA Today story covers the reasons behind her release, The Times also has this story that indicates there may have more to her release than we know. Seems there was another Video by her released in which she expressed solidarity with her captors. The Times' second lead is the FBI screwup, At Sept. 11 Trial, Tale of Missteps and ManagementAt Sept. 11 Trial, Tale of Missteps and Management. The middle lead, with a major picture, is Preventable Disease Blinds Poor in Third World.

The WaPo has Projected Repair Costs For Levees Triple. They follow with Borders Push Boosts Tancredo's Profile, a story about the GOP Congressman from Colorado who has led the fight for stricter control of immigration.


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