Sunday, March 26, 2006

Goood Morning to the Mainland!

The NYT leads with Shiite Fighters Clash With G.I.'s and Iraqi Forces.
It's the story of our takedown of a Shiite terrorist group, portrayed as "more strife in Iraq." Their second lead is Vague Law and Hard Lobbying Add Up to Billions for Big Oil "Through shrewd lobbying and litigation, oil companies were able to sweeten federal incentives for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico." That it's good for the country for "Big Oil" to make money never entered a NYT Editor's pointy little head. Then they follow with Bush Was Set on Path to War, Memo by British Adviser Says, Behind closed doors, the president made clear to Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain that he was determined to invade Iraq. The Times always thinks it is major news if they find out that Bush was engaged in planning to liberate Iraq before we actually did it.

The WaPo leads with the Shiite story, using a fair headline and lede. Raid on Sadr Loyalists Ratchets Up Tensions , At least 16 supporters of fiery Shiite cleric are killed in U.S.-Iraqi assault on Baghdad "terrorist cell" that led attacks on soldiers and civilians. The immigration issue is ratcheting up, and they have Immigration Plan Irks Employers,
Businesses say it is hard to convince Americans to take the unskilled jobs immigrants easily fill.

The LA Times leads with Spread of Bird Flu Forces Experts to Rethink Strategy. The culling of flocks has failed to slow the rapid migration of the virus, due in North America this year. Vaccination of poultry is under study. They are "shocked, shocked" to discover that FBI Keeps Watch on Activist Groups.


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