Saturday, March 04, 2006

Goood Morning to the Mainland!

I get a kick out of this picture in this NYT style article of "Dita Von Teese" on a runway in Milan. The other picture shows the two of us at the at the Catalina Casino ballroom "Back in the day," when she was "Heather Sweet." I taught her to dance and took her on a tour of the LA nightspots as she started her climb to celebrity in '97. Now, as Marilyn Manson's wife she is the toast of both continents as the new "It" girl and poised to give Paris Hilton a run for her money.

Everybody leads with coverage of Bush's Pakistan Visit. The NYT continues to play it as all protests from a hostile population. A positive word must never pass their lips! The WaPo is about the same. Cunningham's eight year jail sentence is number two with both.

The Blackberry 612 million dollar settlement is big news at the WaPo and the NYT. The fact that the Real Estate market is holding steady is played as bad news at the NYT. The frustrations of the poor Palestinians is the subject of a sympathetic sob story in the NYT.

Alexander Dryer at Slate says that everyone stuffs reports on Hamas's Russia visit. Representatives of the radical Palestinian group faced a stern warning from Russia's foreign minister that they must embrace the political process or face irrelevance; the LAT files the best details on the encounter. The NYT does front a lengthy piece on the Gaza border crossings, which offers a good insight into the Palestinian frustration that Hamas so successfully tapped in the January elections. Meanwhile the Post fronts an admiring profile of a Lebanese politician, Ghassan Tueni, working to help his country resist the sort of extremist religious politics Hamas represents.Read the rest of it here


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