Saturday, March 04, 2006

Good Question

Bizzyblog asks the "Weekends Unanswered Question 1: Why Did I (Probably) Have to Be the One to Tell You These Things?

“These things” are:

* “Economic activity grew in the manufacturing sector for the 33rd consecutive month.” — ISM Report on Business, March 2006 for February 2006 Business, Page 1 (PDF File). Referring back to and building on this BizzyBlog post from August 2005, the 33-month streak is now the highest in almost 17 years, since a three-year streak ended in April 1989.
* “Non-manufacturing business activity increased for the 35th consecutive month.” — Same report, same page, near the bottom. The non-manufacturing sector includes mining, construction, wholesale, retail, and all services.

For these two measurements to keep chugging along despite Katrina, despite the mediocre revised 4th quarter GDP growth of only 1.6%, and despite some of the horrid things happening in the automotive and airline sectors, is pretty remarkable."


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