Friday, March 24, 2006

"Don't abandon 'Red America.'"

That's what Stephen Spruiell at the Media blog says:

there are two quick points I'd like to make. First, the allegations of racism against Domenech are a case study in the kind of mendacious, oppressive speech policing that has made discussion of race in this country paranoid and banal. The attacks on Domenech's family were an affront to reasoned debate. It seemed that when it came to Ben Domenech, no personal insult was out-of-bounds. These people who meant to shame the Washington Post have no shame themselves.

Second, regardless of whether the plagiarism charges make it impossible for Domenech to continue as the WaPo's "Red America" blogger, the WaPo would be foolish and craven to bow to this mob — for whom attacking the blogger was just a means to an end — by abandoning the project altogether.

Adding a conservative blog was a smart editorial decision to widen the variety of viewpoints on offer at — not a "sop to the right." But jettisoning that blog, and thereby limiting the viewpoints on offer, would indisputably be a sop to the left.


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