Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"Chomskyites vote left"

Shannon Love at "Chicago Boyz" says, "Contemporary Democrats simply cannot understand why the electorate no longer trust them to defend America. They have basically settled on blaming poor political marketing and/or Republican mind control rays.

I think there is a very simple explanation that just about everyone but diehard Democratic partisans can easily recognize. To whit:

Voters who think that America sucks vote overwhelmingly for Democrats

Let me just quickly make it clear what I am saying and not saying. I am not saying that all, most of, or even many people who vote Democratic think America sucks. Just because someone votes Democrat doesn't mean they have a negative view of America. I am saying, however, that people who do hold highly negative views of America will vote for the Democrats much more often than they vote for the Republicans.

People who hold negative views of America feel more comfortable voting Democratic and the rest of the electorate sees that. When you read somebody claiming that America is racist state, built on exploited labor and mass murder, whose democracy is a sham and whose foreign policy flows entirely from a desire of corporate profit, etc you can be sure that that individual will vote Democratic every time. Why should the general electorate and especially the non-partisan electorate trust the Democrats with national security when they are the natural home of those who don't appear to think America is actually worth defending?

Democrats bristle at any suggestion that they harbor any anti-American views yet many diehard Democratic partisans do have such a dark view of both historical and contemporary American that one is forced to ask why, if they have a moral bone in their body, they aren't anti-American. For example, in the area of foreign policy, many far-left Democrats have no problem asserting that regardless of which party has held power, the foreign policy of the US has been motivated by nothing more than corporate greed and that millions have died as a result. How could anyone support a state so brutally flawed? How many people would someone have to believe America has selfishly murdered before they could honestly say they had become an anti-American?

The far (and perhaps not so far Left) want to have it both ways.They wish to be able to say that America is basically a corrupt state, culture and society responsible for most of the evil in the world but on no account can anyone question their commitment to protecting that corrupt entity. Riiiight.

The people are not fooled. The far Left is, or at least should be, anti-American and the Democratic party has no problem with that. Actions speak louder than words. The Democrats can stand up and say, "We are just as committed to defending America and American values as anyone else," but the electorate can easily see all those Democrats in the background who might as well be wearing tee-shirts that say, "America Sucks, why can't we be more like Europe?"

Until they can stopped sending conflicting messages, the Democrats are going to keep losing. Fewer and fewer people want to be associated with the America sucks crowd.


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