Monday, March 20, 2006

""Big Love"?: HBO Skips True Polygamy in Islamic U.S.

Debbie Schlussel has a column on "Muslim Love" here in the USA.

"The fact is there are Muslim men with multiple wives living everywhere in America. But unlike the Mormons--most of whom don't practice polygamy anymore--Muslims with multiple wives aren't subject to ridicule, like HBO shows or Jay Leno jokes. And they aren't prosecuted, like Mormon Tom Green was.

There are Muslim polygamist men living not far from me in the Detroit area. They have one wife, to whom they were married in the eyes of the State, and several to whom they are married in the eyes of the mosque. While our government recognizes these marriages for Muslims, it enforces polygamy laws against everyone else. In Dearborn, Michigan--Islamic America' nucleus--statutory rape cases have been dismissed on the grounds that there was a marriage (of a 14-year-old girl! in one case) in the eyes of the mosque.

Here's a quote from Islamic commentator Hassan Hathout:

We American Muslims are subject to American law and we have the right of objection only if the law forces us to do something against Islam. . . . When an American Muslim takes a second wife (as is rumored to be the practice of some Islamic centers), the second wife is denied her "legal" proof of marriage, and will essentially be kept as a hidden or secret wife.

This is a huge drain on Infidel society, because there have been instances where Muslim polygamist marriages have been used to foment mortgage and bank fraud, as well as Medicaid fraud. In addition, the multiple wives are usually an excuse to milk the system, whether it's Medicaid or Aid to Families with Dependent Children or WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) aid.

But when it comes to Islamic polygamy on our shores, neither law enforcement--nor feminists constantly griping about exclusive golf clubs--are lifting a finger. While the Utah and Arizona Attorney Generals' offices investigate and issue reports about Christian polygamy in their states, not a word from their Michigan counterpart. The double standard is clear.Rest here


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