Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bibi blew it, so now Israel suffers

Sidney Zion says,

"If Benjamin Netanyahu had gone along with Ariel Sharon last fall, he'd be picking his cabinet today.

All he had to do was shut his mouth, raise his hand for the Gaza pullout and he'd be back again as prime minister of Israel.

Because he didn't do nothing, today he presides over a Likud Party that no longer means anything, a party reduced to a fourth-rate rump group in the newly elected Knesset.

What this means goes way beyond Bibi Netanyahu's career. The Israeli election practically guarantees political instability in the Jewish state.

If Bibi hadn't challenged Sharon in the Likud, Arik would have never left Likud, the party he created, to set up his new party, Kadima. Rest here


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