Saturday, February 18, 2006

Dems Need A Newt Of Their Own

The WaPo points to the fact that "The Democratic Party Can't Have a Revolution Without the Revolutionaries"

The point out that:

And yet, after languishing in the minority for more than a decade, the Democrats' back bench has yet to produce a Gang of Seven or an insurgent leader such as Gingrich, who inspired dozens of GOP House candidates in 1994. Most of the Democrats elected since the Republicans took over in 1994 simply replaced other Democrats. Moreover, none was really elected on a message of bringing "change" to Congress.

The absence of a Democratic Gang of Seven is even more glaring given that there hasn't been much new blood flowing into the House leadership. Not a single ranking member (i.e., the top member of the minority party) on 21 House committees came to office after the Republicans took control. And in only five instances has a GOP committee chair been in Congress longer than his Democratic ranking-member counterpart.


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