Saturday, February 25, 2006

Apple's iTunes: Over One Billion Served

Brain Terminal gets this letter:

Reader Matt Walliser writes:


Recent news about iTunes hitting their billionth download made me think a little more about your post a while back about the recording industry not adapting to new mediums. If they're not careful, they'll obsolete themselves to Apple's iTunes. Apple has made it so convenient to get music onto your iPod, that people don't seem to mind paying a buck for a song. The lawsuits brought forth by the RIAA agianst people who download music can only serve to push people towards iTunes. If Apple creates their own label and plays their cards right, they could have channel dominance from top to bottom. The best part is, it's being handed to them by the very channel they're about displace!

While I'd hate for any one company to completely control music distribution, the massive success of iTunes is a wake-up call to an industry that has been hitting the snooze button on every previous wake-up call since the dawn of the Internet era. Maybe this time, the industry will pay attention."


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